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Display Ad Sender

How To

Before sending us your ad you should have already placed a booking. To place a booking, please contact the Allied Press Display Advertising Department, direct dial (03) 479-3567 or email

Sending us your ad is a simple four step process:


1 - Enter Details

Enter the information for your ad here. We use this information to match the file you upload with your existing booking.

Company Name:

Enter the name of the organisation whose name the booking has been placed under.

Contact Name, Phone, Fax and Email:

Enter the contact details of a person who can be contacted regarding this ad.


Select the publication this ad will run in. If there are multiple publications, select the main publication.

First Run Date:

Enter the first date on which this ad will run.

Advert Client Name:

Enter the name of the client the ad is for (leave blank if this is the same as above).

Booking Number:

Enter the booking number if it was supplied to you by our sales administration staff when you placed the booking.

Your Reference Number:

If you have your own reference number for this ad enter it here. This help you to easily identify the ad should we need to contact you regarding this ad.

Advert Size:

Enter the size of the advertisement in columns and centimeters.

Advert Section:

Select the section of the paper the ad will be run in.


Enter any comments you want to include with this ad.

2 - Upload File

Select the file you wish to upload and press the upload button. Please ensure that the file you select is the correct file and meets our file requirements. For details on our file requirements please visit the file requirements page.

3 - Verify Proof

Verify the proof to make sure that the advertisement is as you intended. Any faults with your advertisement at this stage will more than likely show up in print.

4 - Finished

Record the ad identification number for future reference.

For further assistance with using this service please contact the Allied Press Advertising Services Department, direct dial (03)479-3556 or email