Allied Press Ltd

Display Ad Sender


What is this service?

The Allied Press Display Ad Sender is the easiest way for you to send us the content for your completed ad.

Using a simple four step process, this service alows you to upload your advertisements directly into our system. This takes the stress out of getting your files to us on time and allows you to work closer to our deadlines.

Is this service for me?

This service is for you if you have alredy made a booking and wish to send us the content for your ad.

If you don't already have a booking and/or you want us to create your ad for you please contact the Allied Press Display Advertising Department, direct dial (03) 479-3567 or email

Who can I contact if I need help using this service?

For further assistance with using this service please contact the Allied Press Content Services Department, direct dial (03)479-3556 or email